If you require roof repair due to storm damage or normal time related roof damage, you can’t afford to cut corners.  Naturally occurring elements, to include water damage, sever weather and time can cause considerable damage to your roof.

You deserve the highest quality work completed by experienced and certified roofing contractors that have as much concern about your property as you do.  Our roof repair crews have proper certifications and decades of experience nailing it so that we can quickly and efficiently repair your damaged roof. As roofing contractors, our crews are mainly bilingual and have a great sense of customer service and satisfaction.

Our roof repair crews have been with this roofing company since we started, having a sensitivity in knowing how important it is to take good care of your lawn and plants, your pool and anything that could sustain damage to your property in the restoration process.

Additionally, along with established roofing companies, we take pride in our roofing repair projects by keeping the worksite clean and neat, from the beginning to the end, while doing a superior job on your roof replacement or repair.

Our mission as a restoration general contractor is to not only assist you in building appealing project ideas from the ground up, but also to quickly restore them from the roof down.

Additionally, if your are a commercial business, we can also assist you in industrial and commercial remodeling, additions and alterations to include build-outs, expansions and retrofit projects to enhance your property and transform your business by providing a premium facility for your customers and clients.

Along with the top roofing companies in the immediate area, we give special consideration to providing great added value by always focusing on giving the best service, exceptional craftsmanship and the best materials, while guiding you through the whole roof repair process.

As your roofing contractor, we help you break down the numbers in easy to understand language, assisting with difficult insurance paper work, and making sure you get what you require from your insurance company to perfectly restore your property to its pre-storm, pre-damaged condition or better.

By keeping your financial interest in mind, we specialize in negotiating a fair price with the correct amount, always respecting the law and with one main objective; that through the restoration process, you don’t have to worry about a single thing other than choosing the color of your new materials.

If you’re happy means that we are nailing it!!!

We service areas within Dallas & Huston, Texas. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out the form.