Welcome to G&G Solutions For Life

G&G is a part of a Family Owned Group of Companies, Gitani Group, we where founded in 1986 with construction in our veins, all our companies are related to construction, and it is and has been our vocation to serve the home owners, property owners and property managers, for more that 26 Years, trusting us with one of their most important assets of their life, their business or home.

Dallas Location
5050 Quorum Dr. Suite 752,
Dallas, TX 75254
Houston Location
25511 Budde Rd. suite 1802
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Now taking good care of the people from Galveston County

Our Restoration Specialists have proper adjuster and forensic engineering training, plus we have a licensed adjuster on staff, as well as several decades of combined experience dealing with insurance companies and reading and writing scopes of damage, giving you leverage when filing a claim.

Our Crews have proper certifications and decades of experience nailing it, they are mainly bilingual and have a great sense of service, they have been with us since we started, knowing well that they have to take good care of your plants, pools and anything that could get damaged in your property, keeping it clean and neat, from the beginning to the end, while doing a perfect job on your roof.Our Mission As Restoration General Contractors, is not only to build ideas from the ground up, but also to restore them from the roof down, everything we do is with great added value, always focused on giving the best service, exceptional craftsmanship and the best materials, guiding you through the whole job process, breaking down to easy numbers hard to understand insurance paper work, making sure you get what you need from your insurance company to restore perfectly your property, to its Pre-Storm, Pre-Damaged condition or better, negotiating fair prices and correct amounts, always respecting the law, with one main objective, that through all the process, you don’t have to worry about a thing, well maybe one, choose the color of your new materials.If you’re happy means we are nailing it!!!
Help You! Property owner and service manager to build or restore with exceptional service and labor quality, both commercial and residential properties, making sure you are getting what you really need, with out compromises, to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition, remodel or build your new property, exceeding any of your expectations.