About Us

G&G General Contractors is a part of a family owned group of roofing companies, all related to contractor construction and we where founded with construction in our veins.

Along with the top roofing contractors in the Dallas / Houston area, it has been our vocation to serve the homeowners and property owners for more that 26 Years, where we have been assisting residents to improve the appearance and quality of their homes and provide a favorable experience through the entire construction process.

In 2013, G&G and Romo Remodeling merged, so that with the addition of Mr. Ricardo Romo in the team we were able to add 17 years of experience along with his tireless passion for his work to make G&G became a much better roofing company.

With the addition of more than 90 years combined experience, we have the capacity to expand our construction capabilities, adding the needed back up for any site project so we can say with confidence, “Yes, we do it all!!!”

As general roofing contractors, not only can we build exciting and appealing project ideas, we are also certified in home improvements, providing services in siding, attic insulation, gutters and replacement windows, delivering on all areas of home improvement projects.

We also employ a qualified property adjuster with forensic engineering training, as well as years of experience dealing with insurance companies to translate the proper scope of damage to your property in order to give you the best for your insurance dollar.

With our team of expert estimators and a dedicated billing department, we make sure you are provided with whatever you need to replace or remodel your home or business with the best quality material, a certified labor team, a project done on time in addition to providing a great guarantee.

Our Mission

Our mission as a qualified roofing contractor is to assist you! With our expertise in home improvement projects, we stand out as the trusted roofing contractor among our competitors. You can be assured that our installers will show up on schedule, they will be clean and professional in their work, being educated and trusted in your home.

If you need assistance in determining what is best for your home, we can give you a custom quote by requesting a free in-home consultation.

We service areas within Dallas & Houston, Texas. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out the form.