Dallas Roofing Companies—Problem Signs to Look for in Commercial Roofs

The basic function of your roof is to protect you from anything and everything that the weather might put out in all its extremities. To claim that your roof is doing its job means that your roof is able to hold up well enough as it continues to withstand extreme temperatures while remaining impervious to any form precipitation. As a business owner, it would be a mistake for you to neglect your roof’s integrity.

Dallas Roofing Companies—Problem Signs to Look for in Commercial Roofs

Your roof has a direct link to your commercial property’s value, appearance, and insulating capabilities. Because of its considerable role, a functional and well-maintained roof should be a priority by any management team that oversees commercial offices. Regular check-ups should be performed to maintain the roof’s integrity, and repairs should be done without delay once a problem is detected. Below is a list of what you commonly need to pay attention to when you do your own check-ups before calling for professional roofing repair.

Standing water on the roof

Roofs for commercial structures may either be slope or flat type. Whatever roof type you have, the lifespan of your roof will depend on common factors, such as roof material and quality of workmanship, among others. Prolonged standing water or bubbles on the roof cover are alarming signs that your roof is deteriorating and that you’ll need to have it repaired by Dallas roofing contractors soon.


Flashings refer to the thin sheets of metal or other impervious material that is installed at the sections where two or roof portion come together at an angle or joint. These thin sheets cover the spaces where water could possibly seep in. Gaps in flashings significantly increase the risk of roof cover failure, water intrusion, and mold growth, so they are best addressed immediately.


Skylights are windows installed on the roof. Its main purpose is to allow natural light into the structure, but may also serve as an access to the roof deck. If your establishment uses skylights, check to ascertain that they’re not a source of any leaks. Skylights that leak can allow for rainwater and debris to enter the building, especially during a high wind event.

Frequent monitoring is a necessary aspect of commercial roof maintenance. Have your roof inspected at least twice a year by highly capable Dallas roofing companies like G&G General Contractors. If ever your roof needs repair or replacement, established contractors can provide you with the high quality roofing materials and professional workmanship that you’ll require for the job, and nothing less.

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