G&G General Contractors: Our History, Objectives, and Way of Thinking

G&G General Contractors: Our History, Objectives, and Way of Thinking

G&G General Contractors belongs to a group of family-owned and operated roofing companies, all related to contractor construction. You could say we were born with contractor and construction work in mind. After 26 years in the industry, we are proud to have become one of the most trusted roofing names in the Dallas/Houston area.

Our High Standard

Our team of professionals has 90 years of construction work experience between them. In everything we do, we seek to uphold the objective we have abided by since day one: to enable customers to improve the appearance and quality of their properties to the best of our abilities. We make sure to complete every project according to the highest standards.

A Series of Fortunate Events

In 2013, G&G General Contractors and Romo Remodeling—a specialist of kitchen, bathroom, basement, and home renovations and installations—merged to become one company. With Romo Remodeling owner Mr. Ricardo Romo now a part of the G&G team, we were able to add 17 years of construction experience to our belt, not to mention his tireless work ethic and his desire to push G&G to become a better version of itself.

The merger gave us the ability to expand our construction capabilities to fulfill larger, more intricate construction projects. Regardless of the size and scope of any project thrown at us, we can proudly say that yes, we can handle it all.

The Right Way is the Only Way

G&G General Contractors strives to deliver the best service to our clients who place their trust and belief in our company. We are general roofing contractors, but we are also certified to perform a multitude of other construction tasks such as home improvements, attic insulation, window replacements, gutter installation and siding. Quite simply, we are able to deliver on all home improvement aspects.

To continually deliver the stellar service we have come to be known for, we aim to have the finest contractors on hand and further develop their skills, knowledge, and experience through active training. We believe this is the key to delivering consistently great service. Contact us today via phone (888-584-3069) or email (yued@gngsolutionsforlife.com) for a free in-home consultation.