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Executive Summary

G & G Developers LLC is being established as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Texas. Its principal offices will be located in The Woodlands, Texas.

The company is being formed to build a portfolio of custom residential properties targeted to middle income consumers where respectable net margins and large customer demand can be attained. The company will also be targeting residential roofing repair and restoration market across the State of Texas in order to diversify away as much potential market risk as possible.

Initially, the company will purchase ten (10) new undeveloped lots or homes needing remodeling in a booming suburb community of Houston, Texas. It will also immediately engage in the residential roofing repair and restoration industry. This dual-pronged strategy should insure robust revenue and profitable operations from the beginning. Net margins should be sufficient based on our business plan modeling to sustain conservative to moderate growth rates over the next five (5) years. By the end of the fifth year (5th), the company hopes to be developing and remodeling over twenty (20) custom homes per year.


The objectives of the G & G Developers LLC for the first five (5) years of operation include:

  • Building a company with a diversified group of product and service offerings in the residential remodeling, construction, and roofing repair and restoration industries.
  • Acquiring and developing ten (10) custom built, residential properties per year in one of the most highly desired and fastest growing areas in Texas to address the new demand in the expanding market area.
  • Growing to a minimum of four (4) to six (6) roofing repair and restoration projects per month.
  • Assembling a diversified and experienced group of local talent to manage and help enhance operational company objectives across each of the company’s target market areas.


G & G Developers LLC will offer a variety of competitively priced custom built residential homes in a highly desirable residential community and suburb of Houston, Texas as the primary line of business for the company. The secondary line of business, roofing repair and restoration, will focus on a subset specialty area of the company that will enable the firm to leverage the vendor and supplier base from its primary line of business.

The business will seek to procure and develop properties for its custom built properties in communities that offer families a balance of relaxation, convenience, and excitement through proximity to locale attractions, shopping, and schools where appropriate.

The company will also leverage its vendor and supplier base for the roofing repair and restoration line of business so as to deliver a fast response and a quality repair to areas stricken with extreme weather.

Keys to Success

With the thought of increasing the chance of success with the business and of building resiliency into the business model, the custom built homes from the primary line of business will target middle income families with the thought that their financial wherewithal will their spending habits throughout a variety of economic conditions. The secondary line of business, roofing repair and restoration, will focus on work derived from damages resulting from extreme weather (e.g., high winds, hail storms, hurricanes, etc.) that frequently occurs throughout the State of Texas with the idea that extreme weather will always occur and can provide a steady source of work despite whatever economic conditions prevail.

The business will structure itself to be resilient from market shocks by having a diverse set of product and service offerings across different market segments. The business will be funded with sufficient capital to adequately fund company operations, to minimize cash outflow requirements, and to give the company the ability to operate and cover costs regardless of whatever volatile sales cycle may occur.

Keys to success in the business will include the incorporation of the following key initiatives:

  • Using professional and experienced subcontractors that deliver fast and quality workmanship and that, more importantly, could be used across both lines of business.
  • Using highly-skilled telemarketing groups to generate sales leads in weather stricken areas, and deploying an experienced set of sales personnel to close prospective leads.
  • Contracting with a large residential real estate company experienced in dealing with new transplants to the area, whether from abroad or from company relocations.

We plan to mitigate risk from these potentially volatile markets through a number of initiatives designed to address some of the highest risk factors facing our operations. These initiatives will include the following:

  • High initial capitalization of the company to sustain operations through year one and to minimize cash outflows.
  • Maintain cost effective controls and processes while utilizing local, experienced professionals.
  • Generation of strong customer demand through the use of aggressive telemarketing, local, and web-based marketing.

Company Summary

G & G Developers LLC is a start-up owned and operated by two highly seasoned residential developers, Hanna El Jeitani and Lilia Haydee Bejos. The company will be headquartered in

The Woodlands, Texas and will initially target the custom built residential home market in The Woodlands, Texas and residential roofing repairs and restoration across Texas.

The company will focus on custom built residential homes within The Woodlands, Texas to take advantage of the huge growth being experienced in the area from the relocation of the ExxonMobil headquarters and other related companies to this community. The company will be servicing the needs of the new residents in the area and will initially focus on this portion of the market. The strategy is to locate residential home properties within high demand areas to facilitate the initial sales process.

G & G Developers LLC will be focused on leveraging and Mr. El Jeitani’s extensive experience developing residential communities across Mexico under Gitani Group. Gitani Group began in 1986 with the sale of building materials. In 2000, the company expanded into residential housingconstruction and development. Since then, the Gitani Group is comprised six (6) different companies focusing on the following areas:

  • Construction and development under Gitani Edificaciones y Desarrollos, S.A. de C.V.
  • Residential development under Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Zgharta, S.A. de C.V.
  • Marketing and sales under Comercializador de Vivienda, S.A. de C.V.
  • Construction finishes under Soluciones Integrales de Acabados para la Construccion, S.A.de C.V.
  • Bathroom fixtures, equipment, and finishes under Gitani, S.A. de C.V.
  • Corporate services under Servicios Gitani, S.A. de C.V.

Mr. El Jeitani operated this group of companies and is looking to leverage his experience and capital in an expansion into markets in the United States. Grupo Gitani began in 1986 with the sale of building and construction material and has enjoyed a large degree of success allowing the principals to expand their holdings to include a wide variety of affiliated businesses. G & G Developers LLC will leverage affiliated firms under Grupo Gitani to develop outstanding custom built homes in The Woodlands, Texas and to provide residential roofing repair and restoration services across Texas. The primary function of the company operations will be sales, construction, remodeling, and repair. Any other necessary tasks will be out sourced to experienced, local professionals.

This start-up venture will be further strengthened by the addition of the capital and assets from an existing roofing repair and restoration group of businesses. The initial venture has proven the sales and marketing strategies to be implemented within G & G Developers LLC and will be further expanded by the inclusion of custom home design and sales.